Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rebecca and Brant

Introduce yourself... My name is Rebecca, I usually go by Avery Lennox on the internet. I'm a 20 year old starbucks employee who loves to take photo's, play guitar and videogames whenever possible.

Introduce your accomplice... His name is Brant. He is 19 and is currently working as a cook. He is an amazing musician who has more talent than anyone I have ever met.
 Quick five:
How long have you been together? We have been together for two years and three months.

How did you meet? We met in grade eleven where we were in the same class. Somehow he ended up siting beside me even though I had no idea who he was. We hung out a lot one day at school and became best friends.

Song/movie/anything that reminds you of your partner? Mario party, Redbull and Mini Ritz.

Where did you go on your first date? We hung out a lot before we got together but our first date I believe we went skating at the rink. He was probably the worst skater in the world. His skates were done up too loose and he could only go a few feet without flailing around. I held his hand super tight so that he would not fall and on the ride home he leaned his head on my shoulder and we cuddled in the back seat.

Describe your relationship in one word? Cute.

Pet Names?
I call him everything, I dont really have a name for him. But he calls me "Weebee". Its a very odd name but there is a story behind it. When I was younger people nicknamed me Rebe (pronounced Reebee) and it kind of stuck through highschool. Well one day before we were even dating he commented on a picture of mine and it said "my wittle weebee" It made me melt and it stuck, haha.

First impressions? He had a really ugly zebra sweater on and I thought he must be dumb for wearing that. But he was really sweet and laughed a lot so I thought he was cute.

Who chased who? Well, no one really chased. We both were very shy and never had a boyfriend or girlfriend before so we mainly were friends for about six months before we couldn't stand not being together.
What made you fall in love with them? I think it was how sweet he was. We both loved the same things, and could talk forever. He always made me smile. My face would always hurt because I would just smile forever around him.

Sweetest thing that they have done for you? The small things like staying up every night with me on the phone until I fall asleep, tell me I am cute everyday, buy me sushi and bring it to me as a surprise. Cuddle while watching stupid movies or T.V. and just him being there every morning when I wake up <3

Best thing about your accomplice? How I know that he will always be there for me no matter what.
Where can we find more about you?

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