Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lizzie and Brandon

Introduce yourself...
I'm Lizzie, i'm eighteen years old, and my story begins like many others..."so there's this boy. -awkward blush and smile-" but i'll get to that in a bit. :) I'm a senior this year in high school, hoping to go to Coastal Carolina or the Savannah College of Art and Design (i've been accepted at both, yay!) to major in graphic design. i like to draw and waste time sleeping or on the computer. :) Also, i'm not your typical Justin Bieber/Twilight fangirl, i'm rather abnormal. i like classic vampire romances like Anne Rice (The Vampire Lestat) and heavy music (Bring Me The Horizon).
Introduce your accomplice...
here's where "this boy" comes in to play. :)
his name is Brandon, he's seventeen, he's gorgeous, sweet, romantic, and ALL mine. he is a senior in high school as well, aspiring to attend Coastal Carolina to major in graphic design (perfect right?) he has an amazing sense of humor and likes to play video games...a lot. he likes to draw me awesome stick figure pictures in Paint when we Skype. he CLEANS! -gasp- he drives an entire TWO HOURS to see me on the weekends because we live so far apart. and i adore him. <3
Quick five:
How long have you been together?
about two months now, he keeps up with it almost better than i do. :) [11.24.10]

How did you meet?
actually, we met on a website called my yearbook. he was in the section called The Foxy Five (which you have to use the website's currency to buy a spot, and it shows by your state) so i saw him on there and thought he was like SUPER cute. so i added him, soon after he i.m'ed me, but i was getting off the computer. soooo we exchanged numbers and texted. that night, he called me and kept me laughing the entire time. so we talked for a couple weeks, and in that time found out that he lives about two hours away from my grandparents house, which is also two hours away from where i live, just in the opposite direction. so, we planned on him driving the two hours to my grandma's house the next time i went. we finally got to hang out in person and it was amazing (even though a douche bag cop got involved).our first kiss was amazing. we were holding hands and he just leaned over and pressed his lips to mine, then caressed my cheek and told me i was beautiful. he's the first guy to make me blush like that. :) when he was about to leave, he said something about how he wished i would be his girlfriend, so i said "who said i don't want to be?" and he proved that he listens to me by saying "you told me you don't want to get into anything long distance." well, needless to say i told him i DID want to be his girlfriend. and here we are. :)

Song/movie/anything that reminds you of your partner?
the cover of "Still Fly" by The Devil Wears Prada reminds me of the first time i rode around with Brandon.
Where did you go on your first date?
well, we hung out at my grandma's house a couple times before we went on an official date (my first date ever, y'know where the guy comes in HIS car and picks YOU up and pays for everything with HIS money). when we did go out, we went to get Japanese, because its my favorite. :)

Describe your relationship in one word?

Pet Names?
we don't really have pet names other than baby/babe, except i DO have him set as Brandon the God in my phone. i asked him for something creative to save him as when we first met, and Brandon just has a GREAT ego. he definitely keeps it in check. xD

First impressions?
i first saw his pictures and thought he was amazingly attractive.
i first got to know him and thought he was amazingly sweet.
i first started dating him and thought he was everything i could ever want in a boyfriend.
i first started falling for him legit and realized...i am happy, he makes me happy.

Who chased who?
this question is slightly ironic, because we had a conversation one of the first nights we talked about "settlers" and "chasers" in relationships. he says we're each other's neutral, i say i've always been a chaser, and i always will be.

What made you fall in love with them?
the way he treats me like a real human with feelings and emotions. i had previously been in a relationship where i was treated like an accessory that could just be pushed to the side when i wasn't wanted. but then Brandon came along and he actually cares if the things he says/does/doesn't do hurt me. i truly believe that he will work with me through any problem we might encounter. he treats me just like a princess, always complimenting me and making me feel special. just what i've always wanted. :)<3

Sweetest thing that they have done for you?
he DOES drive two hours to come see me. and he never makes me do anything i'm uncomfortable with, he respects me. which is a new experience for me.

Best thing about your accomplice?
he literally fits everything i want in a guy. i once described to my best friend (before i ever even knew Brandon existed) my perfect guy, and he is every one of those things. everything about him is best in my eyes.

Where can we find more about you?
i will update with pictures at:

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