Friday, January 21, 2011

Val and TJ

Introduce yourself...My name is Val

Introduce your accomplice...My boyfriend's name is TJ. His real name is Timothy Joseph, but everyone just calls him TJ

Quick five
How long have you been together? August 24, 2009
.  It's currently January 2011 and we are still together

How did you meet? During the summer of 2009, in June to be exact, I went to a show with my best friend and from across the venue I spotted the cutest boy I had ever seen. He was wearing a red shirt, skinny jeans, and red Osiris'. We made eye contact for a split second, but soon went on about our business. We somehow found each other online and exchanged numbers. I didn't hear from him for a month or so, but as soon as he texted me I knew who it was. Things spiraled from there and we began dating on August 24, 2009

Song/movie/anything that reminds you of your partner?
He always says that First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes is our song

First date?
The first time we ever hung out he was going through my purse and I had a Kit Kat somewhere inside. Since then we've saved every Kit Kat wrapper either one of us has ever gotten and pasted it on his bedroom wall. Along with various photographs I've taken, little love notes, etc

Pet Names?
I call him baby or babe, the cliche ones. He calls me booboo and always has

And...We're in the process of getting an apartment. I can't wait! We fight like cats and dogs, but oh my goodness, do I love this boy.

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