Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lindsay and Mark

 Introduce yourself... My name is Lindsay, I'm 18 and i live in Illinois. I love to spend my time playing Halo:Reach, using Tumblr, watching Youtube vids, and hanging with friends.

Introduce your accomplice... His name is Mark, he will be 21 in June and he lives in Los Angeles, California. He is originally from England. He is the most amazing person i have ever met.

Quick five:
How long have you been together? nearly 2 years

How did you meet? We met over Myspace. We started talking in comments in March 2009 then a few months later when he moved to the United States he got a phone and we started talking on the phone every night. And he flew to meet me in August 2009.

Song/movie/anything that reminds you of your partner?I cant even go into detail on this, there is so much that reminds me of him.

Where did you go on your first date? hmm, The first time he came to visit me was in August 2009 ha i think we went to see the movie District 9. I really don't remember :/

Describe your relationship in one word? amazing.

Pet Names? He calls me crumpet, and his cuddle bunny, babycakes, babe <3 I call him my cuddle foxy, babycakes, babe.

First impressions? The first time i laid eyes on him i instantly fell in love. He is amazingly gorgeous, and has the most amazing eyes and smile <3

Who chased who? Neither really, we both just fell head over heels for each other.

What made you fall in love with them? He always said the sweetest things, and always kept me smiling, he was cute, nice, and just perfect for me.

Sweetest thing that they have done for you? Wow, he has done so many sweet things for me, i could never thank him enough for everything But it was really sweet when he sent me flowers on my birthday and valentines day

Best thing about your accomplice? I can't pink one thing, there are too many great things about him, i love him to death and back, and he is my soul mate, i want to have a family with him and grow old with him. I could never live without him. He means absolutely everything to me
Where can we find more about you?

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